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Floor Tapes

Designate workplace areas in your facility using floor tapes

It’s important to keep workplaces organized; use hazard strips and floor tapes to keep different areas separate. In busy worksites such as warehouses, factories, and industrial complexes, production may be compromised without an efficient layout to facilitate your processes.

Increase productivity by increasing efficiency. Plan work areas and guide foot traffic with the use of coloured floor marking tapes to identify different spaces according to function or department. Mark down the aisles and hazard areas with the appropriate tapes. Seton Canada offers the best quality floor tapes that can withstand the heavy-duty wear and tear expected in industrial settings.

Check out our floor marking tape options for your facility.

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Set Descending Direction

5 Products

Set Descending Direction

What are floor tapes for?

In every facility, the goal is to maximize space and increase efficiency. It’s important to plan the layout of your warehouse, production floors, and other work sites to properly visualize your entire process and pinpoint areas of improvement. The humble floor tapes can create these layouts for you without needing walls or unnecessary vertical barriers that may just hinder production.

Use Seton Canada’s floor marking tapes to designate and demarcate specific areas with specific work functions. These tapes are available in a variety of colours and striped patterns that can be used to denote hazards or identify spaces. With different widths available you can choose the right one for your specific needs. Best of all, these floor tapes exceeds government standards so you can be sure of quality in every inch.

Vinyl Strips for Safety

Floor tapes are not just for marking spaces. This simple tool can also help save lives as Permalight Anti-Slip Tape can guide occupants of the building to safety in case of a black out. Its width and luminance complies with regulations set by ADA and ASTM. Use anit-slip Permalight Vinyl and Hazard Strips for slippery floor surfaces and stairs to prevent slipping. These floor tapes also glow in the dark for increased visibility during power outages.

Seton Canada brings you smart solutions such as floor tapes that make your work life safer.