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Organize traffic routes with versatile delineators

Delineators or channelizers are essential tools in your traffic management program. These posts are movable and can easily be installed in your driveway, parking lot, or grounds to channel traffic and prevent collisions. Effectively guide vehicles by posting rows of delineator posts, spaced tight enough to prevent vehicles from passing through.

Vehicles often hit channelizers while parking or backing up. Incidents like these can cause expensive damages to the car and damage the post itself. Seton Canada offers smart solutions like the post and sign system featuring flexible base that can withstand the average vehicle impact. These special posts mitigate the damage to the vehicles by absorbing the impact and bending away.

Leave your traffic solutions to the workplace safety expert – Seton Canada.

24 Products

Set Descending Direction

24 Products

Set Descending Direction

Delineators as Traffic Management Tools

Channel traffic efficiently with the use of delineators and channelizers. You can use these flexible traffic pylons to guide motorists along the correct lane and prevent vehicles from passing through unexpected road hazards caused by road repairs or accidents. These posts come with a variety of features that are useful for your particular needs.

Different Traffic Delineators Available

Seton Canada carries a variety of traffic delineators that are perfect for your large facility's driveways and parking lots. Flexible posts, for one, offer flexibility that makes this product extremely durable. It can withstand vehicular impact over and over again with its bendable post that bounces right back into an upright position after impact. For cramped spaces, choose a thinner channelizer to save space. Channelizers are stackable for easy storage and portability.

Importance of Visibility
If there’s one aspect every delineator should have, it’s visibility. Drivers, motorists, and pedestrians should be able to see delineators from a distance to anticipate the direction of traffic and avoid collisions with other vehicles or the post itself. Reflective materials on these traffic pylons are essential especially at night or in low light conditions. Try our deluxe traffic post that even has a reflective top aside from the two wide reflective bands on the body. To protect your property from vehicular traffic, order our Poly Guide Post Delineators in vibrant orange, lime, and yellow featuring two 3” reflective silver bands.

All our delineators meet and exceed the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) standards.