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Portable Crosswalk Signs & Stands

Guide crossing pedestrians with moveable crosswalk signs

Post crosswalks signs where pedestrians should cross the street, parking lot, or driveway. These traffic signs help not just pedestrians but also motorists driving by. Crosswalk signs are essential in every facility especially in school zones where a lot of children are crossing the street. Motorists need to be warned of crossing children who may be a little too preoccupied to worry about safety while walking.

Seton Canada offers a variety of pedestrian crossing signs that’s suitable for different institutions and facilities. Warehouses with forklift traffic may want to post a caution sign that reminds workers to watch out for forklifts. Also available are pedestrian signs with a combination stop sign and other reminders for motorists.

Choose Seton Canada for your crosswalk signs provider and you’ll never go wrong.

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20 Products

Set Descending Direction

Crosswalk Signs for Pedestrian Crossings

Accidents happen when motorists and pedestrians are unaware of where the designated crosswalk is located. Traffic management programs should always include pedestrian crossing signs when planning roadways and intersections where people are allowed to cross. Highly-visible signs help caution motorists on approaching crossings so they can slow down and give way to pedestrians.

Options for Pedestrian Crossing Signs

For large industrial complexes where designated crosswalks may change from time to time, a portable or moveable pedestrian sign is ideal. A portable sign stanchion with a heavy base is stable enough not to tumble down but is still moveable to where you need it. The stanchion comes with a standard stop sign with wording that specifies that the area is a crosswalk.

Seton Canada also offers Flexi-Sign Systems made of polyethylene panels and post. This special type of sign stand was designed to bend or flex when it gets hit by vehicles and then spring back to original position. Reflective signs are available for increased visibility even in low light condition.

For schools, the Diamond Grade Crosswalk Safety Signs are recommended. The double-sided feature means that the sign can be see in 2 ways. It’s designed to be readable or visible from 1500 feet away.