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Cone Accessories

Increase versatility and visibility of safety cones with cone accessories

Turn your safety cones into effective barriers with innovative cone accessories. Standard size traffic cones are versatile traffic devices that can double as barriers with a simple addition of expandable barrier bars or barricade panels.

Additional traffic cone accessories such as traffic cone signs, meanwhile, make safety cones more visible with information to guide motorists and pedestrians. You can inform drivers of the status of your parking lot with traffic cone parking signs. Guide motorists toward the proper detour route with traffic cone arrow signs.

All of Seton Canada’s traffic cone accessories were designed to fit standard size traffic cones so you don’t have to worry about installation.

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Set Descending Direction

14 Products

Set Descending Direction

Cone accessories convert simple traffic cones into effective barriers

Aside from diverting traffic and marking hazardous areas, versatile safety cones or traffic cones can be used as barriers to prevent unauthorized entry and isolate dangerous parts of the road or facility. Use barricade panels on two or four standard 28” cones to form a straight line barrier or a square barrier. Demarcate an area with an expandable plastic barrier bar propped up on two large traffic cones. These converted barriers are more effective in keeping out unauthorized people than simple traffic cones.

Traffic cone signs increase visibility and awareness

Increase the effectiveness of your safety cones by including your message to motorists and pedestrians. Traffic cones with signs are especially helpful in parking lots. You can reserve a parking space for someone with a traffic cone parking sign. Direct drivers to the nearest alternative routes with traffic cones that include arrow signs.

Other traffic cone accessories available
Another way to increase visibility of safety cones is to install LED safety lights on top of the cones. These LED light are powered by AA batteries that can last up to 300 hours. In windy conditions, keep the safety cones stable with a removable cone weight accessory. The 9 lbs. weight fits standard 12 x 12 traffic cones.

Seton Canada has everything you need from traffic cones to traffic cone accessories so order now