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Isolate hazardous areas with brightly coloured traffic cones

Traffic cones are versatile marking devices perfect for your facilities. Mark reserved parking spots, redirect traffic, block off hazard areas, and prevent unauthorized entry. Highly-visible safety cones come in standard bright orange but they are also available in other colours such as yellow, green, white, and blue.

Accessorize your traffic cones with helpful signs such as Reserved Sign for saving parking space, Closed/Open Sign to indicate availability of a facility, and directional arrow signs to guide pedestrians or motorists to the nearest detour route. Cone accessories for creating effective barriers are also available for preventing motorists from hitting parked vehicles or driving through roads under repair.

Get your traffic cones from a trusted brand - Seton Canada.

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Set Descending Direction

23 Products

Set Descending Direction

Traffic Cones for Redirecting Traffic

Typical traffic cones are used to redirect traffic and prevent road accidents. These simple devices are common especially when there are road side accidents, road repairs, parade events, and more. Traffic cones guide motorists and pedestrians towards safe routes and blocks off risky areas of the road. Cones are available in standard sizes: 12 in, 18 in, 28 in, and 36 in. The most common and standard colour is orange but Seton offers more colour options for you to choose from.

Safety Cones for Facility Use

When you think of safety cones, traffic immediately comes to mind; but, you should know that cones can also be used indoors for non traffic use. Our non-standard size traffic cones come in 4 in, 6 in, and 12 in variety. Use them in parking lots, factories or even sports events to isolate particular areas in your facility.

Safety Cones Accessories
Specify the reason for isolating areas by including cone accessories such as signs. Indicate reserved parking or parking lot status with a traffic cone sign. Mark off areas that are off-limits with expandable barrier bars propped up by 2 standard cones. Create traffic barricades with panels designed to attach to 28 in safety cones.

At Seton Canada, we have multi-purpose safety cones for your everyday use.

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