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Safety Cones and Barricades

Use safety barriers to direct vehicles and pedestrians to safe routes

Safety cones and safety barricades are used to block off a roadway or other area from both drivers and pedestrians. Cones and barricades warn individuals of danger ahead and can be used to direct the way to an alternative route if a road is unavailable. These barriers can also be used to direct and organize pedestrian traffic. Choose from a variety of brightly colored cones, barricades, tapes and safety barriers to guide motorists and pedestrians to the safest, most efficient routes.

Safety Cones and Barricades

Increase road and traffic safety in and around your facility. Safety cones and barricades are a practical means of blocking specific work areas and organizing traffic flow.  Choose from a variety of products available from Seton Canada, such as Recessed Reflective Traffic Cones, Portable Traffic Barrier, Standard Caution Safety Barricade Tapes and more. Prevent road accidents and other potentially fatal incidents! Make sure your facility is provided with cones and safety barriers to keep crowds and traffic properly regulated.

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