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Flagging Tape & Marking Flags

Mark points of interest on the site

Marking Flags and Flagging Tapes are effective tools to mark areas of interest. These help facility workers to locate the points where they can resume work without having to measure again from the starting point. Marking flags and barrier tapes can also be used to restrict access temporarily. Flagging tapes can be used in a variety of tasks like mapping and surveying.

Seton Canada offers products such as Blank Marking Flags, Pre-printed Marking Flags, and Custom Marking Flags to suit your needs. Choose from a variety of colours and legends depending on the project you are working on.

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Set Descending Direction

10 Products

Set Descending Direction

Increase safety with Seton Canada's Marking Flags and Flagging Tapes. It is important to identify buried cables and utility lines that may be affected during construction and repairs. Hitting these lines can cause costly property damage and take away productivity. Prevent this from happening by using marking flags to remind your workers what is beneath the ground.

Marking Flags, Ropes, and Tapes

Choose our Stock-Worded Marking Flags for marking specific buried cables. These marking flags are attached to long steel rods that can be easily inserted and removed from the ground. A package contains 100 flags making it an economical choice.

Use Barrier Ropes to mark boundaries and limit access to specific areas. This product is made of durable polyethylene but light enough to float on water.

Colour-Coded Flagging Tapes can be used indoors and outdoors. Choose from a large selection of fluorescent colours to help you in your classification tasks. These plastic marking tapes can retain their bright colours even when exposed to cold temperatures.

Make Seton Canada your trusted partner when choosing safety products.