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Anti-Slip and Anti-Skid Marking Tape

Designed to protect you from injuries resulting from falls and trips

Injuries resulting from falling and slipping are one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace. You can prevent these kinds of accidents by using Seton Canada’s anti-slip and anti-skid floor marking tapes. Here are some important facts about anti-slip tapes. Anti-slip floor marking tapes have unique surfaces that prevent shoes from slipping even under wet conditions. Some floor markers contain safety message that warn people about potential hazards in certain areas of the facility.

Using anti-skid tapes greatly reduces the risk of injuries due to falls, slips and trips.Our large selection of anti-slip tapes can be used on a variety of surfaces such as foot pedals, bare wood, bathrooms, stairs, entry and exit areas, ramps, loading docks, scaffolds, platforms and many more.

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30 Products

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Important features of Anti-Slip Marking Tapes

Anti-skid tapes are designed to help you get a better foothold on slippery surfaces and prevent the risk of you falling or slipping to the ground. These marking tapes are NSFI certified so you can be sure you’re getting nothing but the best. They also come with specific messages to help you warn workers and visitors about certain hazards in your facility.

Floor tapes you can use anywhere

Our floor marking tapes can be used on almost any surface such as: wood, concrete, marble and more. Apply them to areas with high-foot traffic such as stairs, docks, platforms, and more. These floor markers can be used both indoors and out, making them the ideal fall prevention tool for your facility.

Wide variety of floor marking tapes to choose from

We carry a wide selection of marking tapes for you to choose from such as: Setonwalk Anti-Slip Tape, Max-Grit Waterproof Tape, Waterproof Textured Vinyl Tapes and Strips, Striped Anti-Skid Tape, Waterproof Non-Skid Tape, Anti-Skid Floor Tape, Permalight Anti-Slip Tape, Luminous Anti-Skid Tape, Safety Track Anti-Slip Tape and more. These floor tapes are made from a variety of materials giving you the opportunity to choose a unique floor marking tape that caters to the specific needs of your facility.