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Plastic and Metal Valve Tags

Durable plastic and metal valve tags hold up to harsh conditions

Seton offers plastic valve tags and metal valve tags for your valve marking needs. Choose from standard or custom valve tags depending on your specifications. These tags are made from durable plastic and metal, which are designed to last even in extreme environments and temperatures. Also available are coloured valve tags with sequential numbering to keep your plumbing facilities organized and properly labeled.

Other options include custom engraved plastic valve tags and round metal write-on tags.

Trust Seton to provide you with high quality metal and plastic valve tags.

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Set Descending Direction

20 Products

Set Descending Direction

Promote Safety with Plastic and Metal Valve Tags

Label and identify your valves to avoid accidents, property damage and code violations. Use Seton’s plastic valve tags and metal valve tags for this task. Our wide selection of valve tags allow for flexibility in valve identification. From options of engraving and stamping, to different colours and durable materials, we’ve got you covered.

Choose Custom Valve Tags to identify pipe contents and warn of hazardous materials. These tags are made of Aluminum, guaranteed to withstand harsh environments and temperatures of -40°F to 1400 °F (-40°C to 760°C). The laser etching provides a contrast that makes wording clearly visible. You can also choose to have information etched on both sides.

For handy and convenient tags, go for Seton’s Rounded Metal Tags. These metal tags are ideal for outdoor use, and can be bent without breaking. Get them in seven different colours for easier classification. These tags accept most writing pens and can withstand temperatures up to 500°F (260°F).

Choose Your Attachment

Seton also offers different attachment choices for your valve tags. Brass and stainless steel beaded chains resist corrosion and rust. Zinc-plated fasteners are great for tags and other attachments, while brass S-hooks are sturdy and easy to attach.

With Seton, you have a variety of choices for you valve and pipe marking needs.