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Plastic Tags

Perfect for quickly identifying equipment or material

Blank Plastic Tags last longer and give added strength to asset identification or inventory status. Color-Coded Blank Tags and Color-Coded Blank Lock-On Tags allow specialized custom color-coding in fun, bright colors. All-In-One Blank Tags provide additional fasteners with the tags for easy attachment and Write-On Clip-On Tags do not need additional fasteners and can be customized over and over again.

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Seton's blank plastic inventory tags are a great alternative to buying custom tags.

If you are trying to stick to a strict budget, and the more expensive custom tags just won't do, simply order these blank tags and customize them yourself by writing anything you want on them. You won't even need to buy special writing equipment to do this - you can just use an ordinary pen, marker or pencil for your messages and customization needs.

These blank plastic tags are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. If plastic tags aren't for you, other tag options, such as blank paper tags, are also available here at Seton. Nylon ties for securing these tags are also included with your order.

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