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SafePace® 100 Radar Feedback Sign With Dolly

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SafePace® 100 Radar Feedback Sign With Dolly SafePace® 100 Radar Feedback Sign With Dolly

SafePace® 100 Radar Feedback Sign With Dolly

Slow down vehicle traffic in your neighborhood or facility

  • Safepace® 100 radar feedback signs display motorists' current speed on the road to help control traffic speed
  • Radar feedback signs with dolly are a great temporary sign solution for areas where a permanent sign installation is being considered
  • Portable and lightweight 20 lbs. radar feedback sign with dolly can be deployed easily in minutes making it ideal for use at multiple locations
  • Speed feedback sign's FCC-approved Doppler Internal Radar display Minimum Speed / Maximum Speed, in either Miles per hour or Kilometer per hour units
  • Speed feedback signs come with a programmable flashing strobe to indicate speeding drivers
  • Radar speed signs are meant to be used as a supplemental deterrent not meant to be used as a replacement for an MUTCD Compliant Speed Limit Sign
  • Weatherproof speed signs are NEMA 4X-12, IP65 level compliant, non-sealed and ventilated
  • Radar speed signs feature a 5 mW maximum Radar RF out, 24.125 GHz or 24.200 GHz Radar f-center, with an 800 ft. pickup distance
  • Choose from three power source type available: AC-powered signs, 4-cell battery powered sign, or solar-powered signs
  • Energy efficient battery powered signs can last upto three weeks (depending on traffic volume)
  • Radar sign's dolly features a lock to secure your sign to any location
  • Comes with standard banding brackets for mounting
  • Ideal for residential neighborhoods, school zones, shopping centers, corporate grounds, construction zones, and industrial areas

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