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Gate Security Signs

Manage entrance and exit points with gate security signs

Seton Canada’s gate security signs allow you to control traffic flow of vehicles that are coming in and going out of your facility. These signs will serve as your first and last line of site management that help maintain orderliness of vehicular and pedestrian activities even before entering and leaving the premises.

Our gate signs are highly visible, ensuring potential accidents like ramming of the gate and other kinds of crash are prevented. You can also have them customized like the Custom Corrugated Plastic Signs, depending on the need; whether it is a “danger,” “notice,” “warning” or “caution” message, we guarantee our signs will communicate gate procedures, security protocols, and safety reminders effectively.

4 Products

Set Descending Direction

4 Products

Set Descending Direction

Turning a blind eye to basic traffic management in your facility’s entry and exit points can pose risks more difficult to resolve than to avert. From the moment you open your gates for a visitor’s car, you accept accountability and the possibilities of misconduct, security breach, and accidents in your property. Lower the chances of facing these troubles by posting danger signs on or near the gates, reminding drivers of the security and safety rules.


Seton gate security signs and gate safety signs are specially designed to be durable, able to withstand most temperature conditions and to avoid rapidly looking worse for wear. Choose from aluminum, steel, or polyethylene depending on the product. You may also upgrade your sign with Duroshield Topcoat to extend its life and performance.


What good is a warning sign if it’s inconspicuous? Seton offers reflective signs that are visible within 500 to 1,000 feet, or designs with contrasting colours perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Each sign also comes with 4 pre-drilled corner holes for easy installation.

We also provide gate signs with messages you can customize under “Danger,” “Notice,” “Warning” and “Caution” categories. You can also choose from 4 different sizes, allowing your custom message to be seen from a certain distance you require.