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Food Industry Safety Signs

Enforce safety and sanitation standards in food preparation and handling

Safety and health compliance in your food business attract and maintain loyalty from customers and employees alike. Seton Canada’s food safety signs help ensure that your personnel are reminded of how to prepare, store, and handle your food products hygienically without compromising safety. Seton’s wide range of collection covers signs that are useful across the food industry.

Post food industry safety signs on walls or doors that remind employees to watch out for hot surfaces, wash hands before entering food preparation areas and after breaks, wear hairnets and beard covers if applicable, and even segregate recyclable trash.

These signs from Seton Canada prevent minor accidents, food contamination, equipment mishandling, and other unwelcome circumstances that may jeopardize that hard-earned trust of your consumers and workers.

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22 Products

Set Descending Direction

Invest in food industry safety signs

Food industry businesses, such as coffee shops, restaurants, catering services, meat shops, and others, are required to prepare preventive measures against food contamination and potential hazards to employees. Otherwise, there are higher risks of harming customers and workers, which may result in fines, a variety of lawsuits, or even failure to claim insurance.

Keep contaminants off

It is necessary to post notice signs that constantly remind employees to remove jewelry and that no piercings and exposed cuts are allowed inside food preparation areas like the kitchen. This is to ensure that no shed of bodily fluids and small foreign items will be mixed up with food. These signs come in 10"W x 14"H, 14"W x 20"H, and 7"W x 10"H sizes, printed with noticeable colours and contrast for better visibility.

Why Seton Canada
Our wide range of safety signs are made of high-performance plastic, aluminum, or self-adhesive vinyl materials with proven durability in different environments. Each item you purchase is manufactured with excellent precision—some are even infused with anti-microbial agents to reduce growth of bacteria and mold—adhering to industry regulations and more. Browse through our extensive list of food industry safety signs, and start healthy and safe practices in your food business today.