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Panneaux de sécurité en français

Prévention des accidents sur le lieu de travail avec des panneaux de sécurité en français

French is recognized as one of Canada's two official languages (English being the other), and displaying French safety signs is an effective way of keeping workplace accidents at bay. Safety signs indicate proper procedures or warn of specific occupational hazards, allowing the workers to know how to do certain tasks the right and safe way.

Being a widely spoken language in many provinces and territories in Canada, it is important to have French equivalents of government-compliant signs in your facility. Posting these is a prudent measure of making sure that safety rules are observed by French-speaking workers, and that lawsuits and penalties won’t be a problem or concern.

Make the right choice; get your French safety signs only from Seton Canada.

Miscommunication due to lack of necessary translation can pose problems in both safety and performance. This is why posting workplace notice and messages in English and French is recommended across Canada. It also helps your company maintain its compliance with government regulations.

Selecting the right signs and materials

The purpose of warning or panneaux de sécurité is to get its message across as clear-cut as possible. Signs with headers and graphics further accentuate and enhance the readability of your safety messages. Larger texts for headers make the reader know what the post is for, and appropriate graphics reinforce it.

Our défense de fumer (no smoking) safety signs are available in three materials to best suit your site: Flexible self-adhesive vinyl has a strong adhesive back and is ideal for installation on irregular surfaces; high-performance plastic has 4 installation holes at the corners and is light enough to be hung around; and sturdy aluminum with installation hole in each corner is ideal for outdoor use.

With Seton Canada’s extensive selection of top-quality, CCOHS-compliant French warning signs, you will never need to worry again about restricting smoking on the site, reminding workers to wear safety glasses in a particular area, or simply telling employees to keep a door shut — either in French or English.

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