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Caution Signs

Provide warnings to prevent injuries

Post a Caution Sign any place there is a potentially hazardous situation. Caution Signs are available in a variety of sizes from large to small. Caution Signs come in a variety of materials to withstand your particular work environment and mounting needs. Order Custom Caution Signs to warn of your specific hazard or danger.

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Caution Signs are rectangular, yellow and black in color, and contain the word Caution across the top. OSHA Caution Signs are less urgent than a Warning sign, but still convey the idea that a worker or person in that area needs to be on alert for potential problems or hazards. Seton offers a large variety of Caution Signs, including: Ear Protection Area, Open Door Slowly, Low Head Room, Used Batteries, Do Not Touch Hot and others. Some signs contain only wording, while others contain both wording and graphics to further get the message across.