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Restricted Area Signs

Clearly identify off-limit areas to unauthorized persons or vehicles

Post Restricted Area Signs on loading docks, perimeter fencing or in sections of buildings where only certain people are allowed. Many Restricted Access Signs come in extra large sizes to be clearly seen from farther distances. Restricted Area Signs come in a variety of materials to withstand your particular work environment and mounting needs.

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When an individual views a Restricted Area Sign, they immediately understand that that area of the complex is off limits. Restricted Area Signs, with their bright red bar that says Restricted Area, are bold statements that leave no doubt in their meaning. Seton carries a variety of these signs for your business to display in and around its property. Additional messaging on these signs consist of examples such as No Unauthorized Personnel, Do Not Enter, Only Authorized Persons, Private Property Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted and more.
You may also order Custom restriction signs that can include a specific message.

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