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Evacuation Signs & Holders

Guide people to safety by displaying evacuation signs

In the event of an emergency, evacuation signs play a crucial role in guiding the building’s occupants to safe routes inside your building. Shelter signs and evacuation route signs need to be visible in every floor and wing of the building to ensure that everyone would know where to exit and where to stay until help comes or the situation has been resolved.

Seton Canada offers not only evacuation signs but also sign holders that you can use to display your building’s emergency evacuation plans. Whenever you need to update your plan, just simply print out a copy and slide it into the panel. This is an affordable solution and with the number of elegant colours available, you can choose the holder that would complement your interiors.

Step up and update your emergency evacuation plans with Seton Canada’s evacuation signs and holders today.

32 Products

Set Descending Direction

32 Products

Set Descending Direction

Why you need evacuation signs

Emergencies, natural or manmade, can happen anywhere at anytime. Since the workplace is where you spend most of your time, other than your home, it’s necessary that precautions be made in the form of emergency preparedness plans and programs. Part of emergency preparedness is disseminating vital information such as the location of evacuation or shelters through the use of evacuation signs.

How to use evacuation signs and shelter signs

Use evacuation signs with directional arrows that points to the general direction of your shelter. For an effective layout, post evacuation route signs in close intervals so workers and visitors won’t get lost inside the building or facility. Remind workers not to block emergency routes with exit signs. Shelter signs identify the rooms where the people can stay while the emergency situation is developing. Finally, make sure you have your emergency plans in full display in every floor and wing of your building.

Evacuation sign options
Choose from 3 materials – aluminum, high-performance plastic, and self-adhesive vinyl. You may also opt for a DuroShield topcoat over your sign to keep it from fading, rusting, and corroding overtime. Evacuation and shelter signs are available in 3 sizes – 10 x 7 in, 14 x 10 in, and 20 x 14 in.

Make safety the top priority. Get your evacuation signs only from Seton Canada.