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Fire & Exit Signs

Indicate the proper emergency escapes with fire exit signs

Emergency fire and exit signs are among the most important signs to have in your facility. In times of panic and emergencies, these fire safety signs will guide people to safety. Emergency exits must be easily identifiable as this would be an important factor in getting people out of danger and saving their lives. 

At Seton Canada, we offer a wide range of Fire and Exit Signs to ensure worker safety. Items such as Glow-In-The-Dark Signs are your best bet for clear and visible signs even when the lights go out. We also offer signs to identify fire equipment storage areas and fire sprinkler signs. Safety posters and wall charts are also available for informing employees and visitors about your company's emergency preparedness plans.

Fire & Exit Signs

Fire and Exit Signs are incredibly important in any building or facility. Locating the nearest emergency exit as fast as possible is critical in saving lives. Seton Canada’s fire and exit signs are designed to be highly visible and readable.

Choose from our wide selection of Fire Exit Signs to identify emergency exits, fire doors, and fire escapes. These signs are made of durable materials and available in different sizes. Stairwell signs are also vital in preventing accidents and leading people to safety. Also in the selection are signs identifying phone and first aid locations.

Even before emergency situations happen, your employees must be properly informed of rules and procedures for safety. Display safety posters in and around your facility to increase awareness and safety education. These posters and wall charts contain concise instructions on fire prevention and steps to remember when a fire does occur.

Make sure everyone gets out safe during fires and other emergency situations. Use our fire and exit signs. Because at Seton Canada, we care for each and every one’s safety.

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