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Bike, Pet & Skateboard Signs

Inform people of your facility’s policies with bike, pet, and skateboard signs

Prevent damage to facilities and avoid liabilities by posting bike signs, pet signs, and skateboard signs. As the property manager or owner, it’s your right to protect the company’s parking lot, lawn, and other outdoor areas from damages caused by bikes, rollerblades and skateboards. Not only that, you can actually prevent or minimize incidents by letting people know what they can or cannot bring inside your property.

Prevent accidental dog attacks with pet signs that strictly enforce leash laws including a reminder for pet owners to clean up after their pets. While you can post restrictions on skateboarding, bicycle riding and roller-skating in areas with heavy traffic, you can also guide bikers to proper bike lanes to prevent accidents.

At Seton Canada, we got your facility signs covered!

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Why post No Bike signs and No Skateboard signs in your facility?

Damages to property may be caused by bikers and skateboarders who illegally trespass on your parking lot and grounds to perform various stunts. Aside from damages, you may also face unwanted and unexpected liabilities when accidents happen. To prevent incidents like these, discourage them with regulatory warning signs like No Skateboard signs and No Bike signs.

Why post No Pet signs in your grounds?

Although dogs and all sorts of pets are wonderful, they can be destructive and even dangerous especially when left unattended. Dogs can dig up dirt and newly manicured lawns in an instant. Some untrained dogs have unpredictable behavior and may end up hurting innocent people. Remind your visitors and employees of your pet policies including strictly leashing their dogs while inside your property with effective pet signs. Choose No Pets signs that allow exemptions for guide dogs as a consideration for persons with disabilities.
Choose the right materials for your facility signs
No skateboard signs come in aluminum, plastic, and steel materials. Plastic is the economical but for longer lasting signs, choose either aluminum or steel. You also have the option of engineer-grade reflective, high-intensity reflective and non-reflective finishes. For an extra layer of durability, opt for the facility sign with Duroshield topcoat.
Here at Seton Canada, you can choose the best skateboard bike and pet signs you need.