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Respirator Storage

Respirator storage is important in order to keep your respirator masks in tip-top shape

Proper tool storage is a key factor in maximizing their use and effectiveness. Respirators should also be properly stored in the same way you would store other tools. Respirator storage is necessary not only for maintenance, but also for security reasons. A properly stored respirator, whether it be a Disposable N95 Respirator or a full face mask, will be safe from tampering or unauthorized use.

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Supply your facility with the proper respirator storage equipment.

Workers should be properly trained on the correct use of all necessary PPE. Because of this, they should be equipped with the tools and knowledge for storing respirators. For instance, sunlight, dust, excessive moisture, and harmful chemicals can severely damage respirators. Employees should be able to store them properly in a clean, dry place, away from other personal clothing and any pesticide-contaminated work areas.

Make sure that your employees are able to follow the necessary steps in respirator maintenance by choosing the right respirator storage tools from Seton.

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