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Respirator Accessories

Ensure that your air respirators are properly maintained

A lot of respirator masks are built with disposable components, such as replacement filters and respirator cartridges; however, until their condition warrants disposal, your half face masks and full mask respirators should always be properly cleaned and stored in a designated location to keep them in proper working condition. Seton offers you various respirator accessories to suit your needs.

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Make sure to properly maintain your air respirators.

In order to protect workers from inhaling toxic contaminants, all respirators and their different working parts must be regularly maintained. For example, cartridges must be changed on a regular schedule in order to avoid over-exposure to hazardous air contaminants. Facepieces should be regularly cleaned to maintain a clear field of vision whenever it is used.

Properly maintain your respirator masks with Seton’s respirator accessories.

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