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Emergency Escape Respirators

Emergency escapre respirators for quick and safe exit of contaminated areas

Some work environments may feature a hazard wherein the immediate atmosphere becomes unbreathable. Some examples of this type of environment include mining and chemical processing. To ensure your workers are protected from harm when working in these types of environments, make sure that emergency escape respirators are readily on hand. Emergency escape respirators are designed to be easy to use and will protect your workers from different contaminants like acid gas and ammonia.

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Emergency escape respirators are necessary to have on hand especially when the work environment carries the danger of release of harmful gasses into the immediate atmosphere. It should be remembered though that since these respirators are used for escaping a compromised atmosphere, these are not meant to be used for extended periods of time. Also, more often than not, emergency escape respirators are designed to protect against specific gases.

With these two facts in mind, be sure to:
1 – asses the hazards present in your facility so that you can provide your workers with the proper escape respirator and
2 – train your workers in the proper usage of emergency escape respirators. This way, you will be able to maximize the benefits this safety equipment can give you.

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