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N95 Respirators

Respirators ideal for general respiratory protection

N95 respirators provide respiratory protection against common workplace contaminants such as dust and particulate aerosols that are greater than 0.3 microns in size. As such, an N95 mask is ideal for use while performing most common industrial processes, such as grinding, welding, woodworking, stone cutting, and other similar tasks. However,
Moldex Special Ops® N95 Particuate Respirators>N95 particulate respirators
should not be used in atmospheres where oil is present or if the contaminant contains oil.

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Standard N95 respirators are designed to provide filter effectivity of 95%, making these respirator masks ideal for use in work environments. N95 masks should not be used if the contaminants are oil based (we carry other respirators for this purpose that are both convenient and affordable.) Nevertheless, some factors should be remembered when using an N95 respirator to ensure its effectiveness:

1. Always check the fit of your respirator before use.
2. Do not use respirators if you have facial hair or jewelry as these will interfere with a proper fit.
3. Avoid removing your respirator while still in your work environment.
4. If it can be avoided, only use the respirator assigned to you.

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