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Welding, Flame-Resistant, and Protective Aprons

Safeguard workers against harmful welding sparks and chemical splashes while working

Welding, flame-resistant, and protective aprons are indispensible when working with sparks, flames, or chemicals. These handy pieces of personal protective equipment slip over your work clothes and provide you with that additional edge in protection that could save your life or prevent serious injury from happening. Be sure you're getting the appropriate apron for the job when picking one since different aprons have different chemical and flame resistance ratings. So stop waiting and start going over our wide array of industrial aprons and find the right one for your facility today!

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Welding, flame-resistant and protective aprons are essential work wear in industrial settings. To get the most out of your safety aprons, you need to know the available types and their uses:

Welding Aprons
Use a welding leather apron such as the Tillman® Leather Bib Apron when you have any welding tasks. Half aprons offer protection from the waist down, while full aprons protect your entire front. Choose a style that offers a comfortable fit while working.
Flame-Resistant Aprons
Flame-resistant aprons are best for tasks that will expose you to flame, electric arc, or intense heat. Before getting one like the Rawhyde Frontier® Flame-Retardant Bib Aprons, make sure the apron is comfortable and fits well, will not shrink, and will retain the flame resistant properties for the duration of the life of the lab apron.

Protective Aprons
This type of industrial apron offers comfort, protection, and convenience for many industries including healthcare, manufacturing, maintenance, and carpentry work environments. Various styles include lab aprons and disposable aprons.

Seton only carries the best in safety aprons and other PPE products. So shop around our site and find the right industrial apron for you!

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