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Kevlar Gloves & Cut-Resistant Gloves

Kevlar work gloves for protection against cutting tool injuries and sharp edges

Protect your workers' hands when performing tasks that necessitate the use of cutting tools with Kevlar® gloves and cut-resistant gloves. These types of work gloves are designed to help protect the hands against cuts from grinders, utility knives, hatchets and other sharp edged tools, as well as sharp edges of glass, ceramics and cut metal sheets. Both Kevlar® gloves and cut-resistant gloves are also designed to allow hand and finger flexibility.

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While automated cutting machines have certainly helped prevent the incidents of injuries in a lot of facilities, there are certain cutting tasks that will still require your workers to use their hands. This is because the hands can still provide a certain level of dexterity that a machine can’t. Provide your workers with the proper hand protection against cuts and abrasions with Kevlar® gloves and cut-resistant gloves. Remember to perform a workplace hazard assessment since cut-resistant gloves are made from a number of materials which are ideal as protection against specific hazards. For example, Kevlar® gloves are ideal for glass and sheet metal handling due to their light weight, while metal mesh gloves are ideal for use in the meat or poultry industry.

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