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Fall Limiters

Provide employees with convenient and effective fall protection

Fall Limiters afford employees with the fall protection they need to perform their jobs efficiently. Designed to either directly attach to a harness D-ring or with various anchorage connectors, personal fall limiters provide several fall safety applications employees can choose from. These devices reduce the risk lifelines getting tangled, offer a wider range of movement, and facilitate a shorter free-fall distance than other equipment. Choose the best for your needs from Seton today.

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Developed as a result of workplace safety concerns regarding fall clearance, personal fall limiters provide employees with lightweight alternatives to other fall safety equipment. Fall limiters also offer the user with more versatility and greater mobility, with working capacities of up to 9 feet. And because they require less fall clearance, these devices effectively limit potential free-falls to within inches. For instance, in the event of a fall, an employee utilizing other fall safety devices may have to wait in place until emergency responders or other employees are able to reach him. With fall limiters, the reduced free-fall distance allows the wearer a greater possibility of pulling themselves up to safety. Maintain a high level of workplace safety and select the best equipment from Seton today.

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