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Reliably secures fall safety devices and compartments

Roofer kits allow employees to observe special safety procedures when working on roof tops and similar environments. These kits are designed to preserve worker safety in the event of a fall, which is one of the major causes of fatalities in the workplace. In fact, federal regulations are in place to ensure that potential fall hazards are provided with the proper roof fall protection. Comply with regulations and choose the best roofer kits for your facility from Seton.

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Screw-lock carabiners are designed with a threaded sleeve over the gate, engaged and disengaged manually. With fewer moving parts than most spring-loaded mechanisms, screw-lock carabiners are less prone to malfunctioning due to contamination or component fatigue. They are also easier to operate even with only one hand. However, using them tends to be more time-consuming than twist-lock carabiners.

Twist-lock carabiners are designed with a security sleeve. They are made to be manually rotated in order to disengage, while automatically closing upon release. They can be re-engaged without any extra effort, but are prone to spring fatigue, as well as dirt and contamination. They also prove difficult to engage with gloves on and/or using one hand.

Various Carabiners are available on the market today. Make sure to choose the best for your needs from Seton.

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