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Eyewear Dispensers

Easily store and organize your safety glasses with eyewear dispensers

Provide an organized way to store and distribute protective eyewear in your facility with safety glasses dispensers. Eyewear dispensers from Seton protect your safety glasses and goggles from dirt, dusts, spills, and breakage but offer easy access when needed. We offer a great selection of eyewear dispensers for different kinds of eye protection equipment like dispenser trays and tabletop dispensers. But best of all you get value-for-money with products that can withstand tough environments making them perfect for any facility.

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Sometimes, life just couldn't get any easier. Such is the case with safety glasses dispensers. Perhaps you need to wear safety glasses at work, or you are a foreman or manager and your employees must wear safety glasses on the job. Just place a safety eyewear dispenser on a table in the hallway or near the entrance to your facility and your people will have access to protective eye equipment quickly and easily. It's just that simple!

Seton's wide range of eyewear dispensers and other eye protection products such as safety glasses, goggles, lens cleaners, among others ensure you will find the best eye protection for your specific need.

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