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Secure efficiently and effectively wounds in proper dressing

Gauze is a medical and first aid material most often used for covering and protecting wounds or cuts. Gauze that is used directly with open wounds should be kept clean. Once removed from the packaging, store gauze in a clean and secure place. However, remember that gauze that has been removed from its packaging is no longer sterile and shouldn’t be used in procedures that require sterile equipment, such as when dressing an open wound.

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The absence of sterile tools and conditions often lead to disfiguring scars. Until the late 1800s, many people could die even from simple wounds as a result of infection. At around that period, gauze was proven to function as the best wound dressings, and use of it eventually spread. Covering and protecting wounds to prevent further bleeding are among the well-known uses of gauze. Make sure that your first aid kit is well-supplied with the proper tools and materials. Choose the best gauze for your needs from Seton's range of options today.