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Allow emergency responders to properly bind injuries

Bandages are available in different fabrics and shapes. The fundamental function of a bandage is to appropriately protect a small injury from infection and additional damage, and prevent any further bleeding. Bandages also keep the person’s clothing clean, and prevents them and others from coming in contact with blood. Make sure that your establishment has the means to deal with different kinds of injuries. Choose the best Bandages from Seton’s range of options.

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There are various ways to apply a bandage, all of which depend on the specific part of the body that incurred injury. The circular turn is a simple bandage wrap applied around the injured body part. The spiral turn is generally applied to wrists, as well as upper arms and legs. The spiral reverse turn is used for the lower forearms and the calves, while the figure-eight wrap is usually reserved for the knees, elbows and similar joints. Allow emergency and trained personnel to properly apply bandages with the best bandage options from Seton.

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