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Burn Care

First aid equipment for proper burn treatment

Burns often require more specialized care. Due to this fact, it’s important to keep your workplace first aid kit well stocked with the proper burn care equipment. In fact, OSHA acknowledges this and requires facility first aid kits to contain equipment for burn treatment. This could be in the form of burn ointments, burn dressings or other similar burn care products. Besides the aforementioned first aid products, it's also wise to stock up on fire blankets as these can prove invaluable in case of fire emergencies.

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Since burns are a relatively common workplace injury, your personnel should be familiariz with what to do when a colleague suffers from one. This is especially important since burns require different treatments depending on its severity.
First Degree Burns - soak the injured area in cold water or run cold water over it, apply burn ointment or gel and cover with dry, sterile gauze. You could take pain relievers to deal with the pain.
Second Degree Burns - soak the injury in cold water or run cold water over it. Dress with a burn dressing or a sterile gauze with an antibiotic cream. Blisters should not be popped as these may get infected. If infection sets in, see a doctor.
Third Degree Burns - seek immediate emergency assistance immediately. Do not remove clothing that's stuck to the skin.

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