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Protect Valuable Assets Against Theft & Loss

Are Your Valuable Assets Protected  Against Theft & Loss?

Seton has Asset Tags & Asset Labels for all your identification & tracking needs

Choose barcode labels or serialized asset tags & asset labels printed with your wording, layout and logo. Asset tags identify and track all your equipment, to deter theft and improve inventory retention.

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DuraGuard Asset Tags

DuraGuard Asset Tags

• Protective topcoat “guards” against solvents & abrasion

• Most popular & versatile asset tag printed with or without bar code

• Indoor/Outdoor multi-layered metalized polyester

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QuickGuard Foil Labels

QuickGuard Foil Labels

• Durable to withstand industrial environments!

• Debossed numbering prevents numbers from being rubbed off

• Permanently printed into anodized aluminum for years of use

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SetonGuard Property ID Plates

SetonGuard Property ID Plates

• Maximum Durability – Specially designed for Extreme Conditions

• Perfect for Outdoor/Harsh Environments & chemical resistance

• Text & graphics permanently etched into anodized aluminum tag

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Destructible Asset Labels

Destructible Asset Labels

• Virtually impossible to remove in one piece!

• Label breaks into tiny pieces if removed

• Prevents unauthorized transfer of assets

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Tamper-Evident Labels

Tamper-Evident Labels

• Discourage theft and prevents reuse of labels!

• Leaves a checkerboard pattern when removed

• Label cannot be reused once removed

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