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ANSI Regulations and Revisions

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Latest Revision ANSI/ASME A13.1-2007: ANSI/ASME A13.1 is the most common pipe marker standard used in the United States, and until the latest revision dated 2007, the standard has been unchanged for nearly half a century. The standard specifies the primary and secondary means of identifying pipe contents, as well as, the size, colour and placement of the identification device.

Primary Identification: The legend (name of pipe content) and directional flow arrow remain the primary means of identifying pipe content. The size and placement of the pipe marker arrow has not changed. See ANSI/ASME size chart (see below) and Installation-Guide for details (below).

Secondary Identification: The secondary means of identification is the colour code of the pipe marker. That portion of the standard has changed dramatically. In addition, the terminology of inherently hazardous or non hazardous has been removed from the standards. The combination of Yellow / Black is now assigned with flammable fluids, and Green / White shall now identify potable, cooling, boiler feed and other waters. These two changes mean that legends such as hot water, cold water and steam will now all use the colour code of Green / White.

The other significant colour changes included the addition of Brown / White for combustible fluids and Orange/Black for toxic or corrosive fluids. The fact that the standard has identified specific colours for flammable fluids, combustible fluids and toxic or corrosive fluids means you must consult Material Safety Data Sheets before selecting a colour. Further, if the pipe content contains multiple hazards (flammable and toxic) it must be determined which poses the greater risk and marked accordingly. For example, if chilled or heating systems contain toxic treatments the colour combination should be Orange / Black. The new 2007 standard also identifies for the first time four additional used identified colour combinations and specifically identifies all of the exact background colours to be used. The exact colours are safety colours contained in the ANSI Z535.1-2007 standard.

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