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Permit Required Confined Space Hazard Analysis

Permit Required Confined Space Hazard AnalysisOver 1 1/2 million workers enter confined spaces on an annual basis. Serious injury or death in a confined space can be the result of asphyxiation, engulfment, electric shock, falls, and heat stress. This poses a serious problem for exposed workers and their employer. It is estimated that 85 percent of these accidents can be prevented by initiating proper safety precautions such as educating workers or posting danger signs and caution signs.

Fatal Fact

A 22-year-old worker died inside a toluene storage tank that was 10 feet in diameter and 20 feet high while attempting to clean the tank. The worker entered the tank through the 16 inch diameter top opening using a 1/2 inch rope for descent. Although a self-contained breathing apparatus was present, the worker was not wearing it when he entered the tank. The worker was overcome and collapsed onto the floor of the tank.

Confined Space

Precautionary Tip: Post signs and labels with warnings to wear appropriate safety equipment.

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Danger and Warning Signs

All confined spaces that could be inadvertently entered should have danger signs identifying them as confined spaces. Signs should be maintained in a legible condition. The signs should contain a warning that a permit is required before entry. Accesses to all confined spaces should be prominently marked.

• Confined Space Authorized Personnel
• Confined Space Enter By Permit Only
• Confined Space Authorized Personnel Only

Danger and Warning Signs

Confined Space Training


The hazards that may be present in a confined space are not easily seen, smelled, heard or felt, but can represent deadly risks. The worker who enters confined spaces may be, or often is, exposed to multiple hazards due primarily to ignorance or negligence in the Confined Space Trainingenforcement of safety regulations. This ignorance and neglect has led to countless deaths by asphyxiation, fire and/or explosion, and by fatal exposure to toxic materials. Simple precautionary initiatives such as writing a confined space program and employee training can help prevent these dangerous events.

A permit-required confined space is one in which dangerous air contaminants may be generated and may not be removed by ventilation. When an employee works in this type of environment, the chance exists that atmospheres present may be oxygen deficient, combustible or toxic. Prevention of injuries to the life and health of workers requires that they be properly trained and well equipped to recognize, understand and control the hazards they could encounter. In the process of identifying a confined space, the supervisor in charge should always assume that a hazard is present.

Everyone involved in a confined space entry project has certain responsibilities and requires a certain amount of training. It is very important that every individual is familiar with their responsibilities. There are specific responsibilities and training requirements of each individual involved in a project.

1. Director of Environmental Health & Safety

2. Supervisors or Their Designated Representatives

3. Entry Supervisors

4. Authorized Entrants

5. Attendants

Compliance Digest

Compliance Digest"Confined Space" refers to a space which by design has limited openings for entry and exit, unfavorable natural ventilation which could contain or produce dangerous air contaminants, and which is not intended for continuous employee occupancy. Confined spaces include but are not limited to storage tanks, compartments of ships, process vessels, pits, silos, vats, degreasers, reaction vessels, boilers, ventilation and exhaust ducts, sewers, tunnels, underground utility vaults, and pipelines.

Compliance Forms

Confined Space Entry Permit

Confined Space Entry Permit (fillable)

Confined Space Entry Permit with Atmospheric Record

Confined Space Entry Permit (Class A & B)

Confined Space Entry Permit (Class C)

Compliance Checklists

List of Authorized Entrants

Confined Space Pre-Entry Checklist

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