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Protect equipment from leaks and drips

Leaks from pipes, ceilings, and other faulty structure can cause serious damage and affect work output. With Seton Canada's leak diverters, you can contain the damage and maintain productivity flow. We offer pipe leak diverters and roof leak diverters, as well as other spill response products to keep your employees, machines, and other equipment safe.

Keep leaks and spills off the floor to avoid hazards, slips, and falls. Choose from our line of diverters to direct fluids to proper containers. Promote safety and productivity with leak diverters from Seton—your source for high quality spill response products.

5 Products

Set Descending Direction

5 Products

Set Descending Direction

Leaks at your facility cannot be avoided, but this doesn’t mean that production has to stop. You can easily contain leakage from roofs and ceilings with Seton Canada’s handy leak diverters.

We offer different types of diverters designed to collect, divert, and drain fluid leaks. These spill containment products help in preventing slips and other accidents from happening. Use our Roof Leak Diverter over machines and general work area. This lightweight and flame-retardant material can be attached to a hose which will direct fluids to a proper drainage container. We have a variety of sizes from as small as 5'W x 5'H to as big as 20'W x 20'H.

The Office Diverters are ideal to use when your ceiling panels cannot be repaired immediately. These diverters can provide short-term support until new panels are installed. They are reusable and available in two sizes.

Meanwhile, the Enpac Drip Dam Leak Diverters are recommended for multiple leaks because of the large sizes available (from 3'W x 3'H to 24'W x 24'H). They are made of puncture-resistant PVC, and have 3-gallon-per minute flow rate.

Select the best product for your needs from Seton's diverters, specially designed for quick and hassle-free installation.