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Protect equipment from spilled substances

Spilled materials can easily reach sensitive equipment in a facility. It is important to contain them immediately to avoid contact with humans and equipment alike. Failure to do so may result in accidents and property damage. Prevent further spill damage with Seton's spill decks and spill platforms.

Our spill control equipment are especially-designed for efficient emergency response. These products include spill pallets, bladder systems, and accumulation centers. Our spill pallets are made from high quality materials that can resist chemicals and withstand everyday abuse.

Avoid hazards in the workplace. Choose from Seton's wide selection of spill decks and spill platforms for your containment needs.

10 Products

Set Descending Direction

10 Products

Set Descending Direction

Drums can spring leaks for a number of reasons like poor quality or getting damaged while in transit. Leaking drums may result in spills that can lead to disaster. The hassle and time it takes to clean up the spill just hinders productivity in the workplace. Don’t let potential spills spread and cause further damage to your facility. Use Seton Canada’s spill decks and spill platforms to help stem the flow.

Products for Spill Control

Seton offers a wide range of spill pallets and other spill control equipment to help prevent minor leak issues from becoming major spills. Our products are made with materials selected for superior strength and excellent chemical resistance. Our spill platforms can accommodate one drum up to six drums depending on your needs. They can also be connected together to hold more drums and obtain full compliance.

Be eco-friendly and choose our Justrite Accumulation Centers. These pallets are made from recycled polyethylene that is highly resistant to acids, solvents, and caustics. Our Low Profile Spill Platforms provide fast and easy access to your drums. Meanwhile, our Spilldeck Bladder Systems features a bladder for greater spill containment.

We have you covered for all your spill containment needs. Get your spill decks and spill pallets from Seton today.