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Prevent spills from spreading with spill containment berms

Control spills in your facility with Seton Canada's Spill Berms. When spills in your facility cannot be avoided, the next best thing is to contain them and minimize damage. Less time spent for clean up also means more time for productivity.

Seton offers Spill Berms in various sizes and materials, all designed to seal off spills and reduce slip hazards. Our selection includes products such as Low Profile Spill Berms, Flexible Spill Pans, and Ultra Spill Berm Plus. These berms resist water, oil, and most chemicals.

Make sure your facility is ready to deal with spills by ordering your spill containment berms from Seton today.

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9 Products

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Spill berms are the ideal tools for sealing off spills temporarily and in any environment. Seton Canada's line of spill containment berms is your first line of spill control response for any spill size on whatever surface. These spill tools can help with controlling the flow of contaminants while you prepare for more permanent spill solutions for your facility. Choose from our selection of low profile spill berms and temporary spill berms that best contain leaks and lessen slip hazards.

Our Disposable Berms offer convenience of spill containment and hassle-free disposal. The spill berms are made of heavy-duty, industrial black fabric that can be used with water, hydrocarbons and most chemicals. Walls act as catch basin and lay flat when not in use. They can be driven on from any angle.

Use Flexible Spill Pans which you can store easily for repeated use. These pans are easy to clean and contain no working parts that can malfunction. Each spill pan comes with a patch kit. Choose from several sizes and gallon capacity (46 gallons to 1,413 gallons).

The Drive Through Flexwall Berms feature a compact design that allows for fast setting up and convenient storage when not in use. Our berms meet regulations for spill containment.

Spill containment becomes easy with Seton Canada. Keep us in mind for your safety product needs.