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Universal Sorbents

Multipurpose absorbents for almost any kind of spill

Spill kits including absorbents are essentials in workplaces where spills are expected to occur. Immediate clean up is a must to prevent slips and exposure to harmful chemicals. There are different types of spill kit materials for different types of spills. Choose the spill kit products that would best suit your facility or workplace.

Universal absorbents are the most versatile as they are designed for a variety of spills such as water-based liquids and oil-based chemicals. These absorbents products come in many forms like pads, rolls, and socks. Seton Canada offers universal spill kits from a trusted brand, Dawg®.

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8 Products

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Using Universal Spill Kits

Spills have to be contained immediately to prevent the spread and potential hazards. Universal spill kits are a must have for many industries as it can be used for a variety of substances such as oil, petroleum, water, and other chemicals.

Absorbent Pads and Rolls

Choose these versatile absorbents for immediate control of oil, solvents, water, and other chemicals including acids and bases. The surfaces of the deluxe pads and rolls are dimpled for faster absorbency. Eco-friendly variations consist of fire-retardant materials that are best used for petroleum liquids and other flammable chemicals.

Absorbent Socks
Use absorbent socks to control spills on machineries and floor surfaces. Big Dawg® absorbent socks are made of recycled cellulose fibre that can absorb oil, water, and coolant. Corn absorbent socks were designed to be molded around machinery without rolling away. It’s perfect for machines and pipe leaks.

Toxic spills are best handled with Yellow Universal Sorbents. The highly-visible pads and rolls warn workers of the toxic and harmful chemical spillage. Specialized PPEs must be worn before handling this type of spill.

Seton Canada’s spill kit and absorbent products are just what you need for your spill response kit. Order yours now.