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Contain spills and waste in versatile storage drums

Ensure the health and safety of your workers through proper waste disposal using storage drums and drum accessories. Dangerous and toxic chemicals are especially difficult to secure. Use only the highest quality drums and drum funnels for containment. When choosing drums for disposing chemicals, make sure the drums come with fitted drum lids that lock in place to prevent leaks and spillage.

Seton Canada also offers a variety of drum accessories that make transporting these heavy containers, a breeze. Order specialized hand trucks for drums to secure the container and prevent it from getting dislodged during transport. Drum accessories such as the drum cradle fits most drum sizes and features wheels to make pulling and pushing drums easier.

Look for the best storage drums and other storage solution only at Seton Canada, the workplace safety expert.

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14 Products

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Storage Drum Applications

Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other industrial work sites should always have storage drums at hand. These cylindrical containers are versatile storage solutions that can be used for liquid chemicals and other substances. In the event of a spill, you’ll need high quality drums to contain and dispose of it.

Shipping liquids would also require secure containers such as steel drums that meet the requirement of the DOT (Department of Transportation) shipping regulations. Made of heavy gauge steel, this container is perfect for heavy-duty industrial application. If you need smaller drums for smaller volumes of liquid, Lab and Overpack Drums are available in four different sizes. The containers are suitable for shipping and they meet DOT 49 CFR 173.25 requirements.

Drum Accessories Available

Transporting storage drums can be physically challenging so Seton Canada offers drum accessories such as steel drum dollies, drum hand trucks, drum cradles, and more to make the task easier. These accessories were designed to fit most drum sizes and carry fully loaded containers. With industrial-grade swivel casters and wheels, workers can easily roll the containers across the facility.

Seton Canada offers the best storage drums in the market. Get yours today.