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Indicative Seals

Detect tampering of valuable goods and property

It is wise to check if that merchandise you receive has been tampered with before it made its way to your doorstep. That is why equipping your possessions with tamper-evident seal also makes perfect sense especially if you plan to send it out. Indicative seals not only guarantee identification of unlawfully handled or opened items, they also give you peace of mind.

Seton Canada has an extensive line of tough plastic and adhesive vinyl seals suitable for industrial, commercial, and even personal use. We also provide you with the option to customize the seals with appropriate wording and numerical formats necessary for identification and tracking.

17 Products

Set Descending Direction

17 Products

Set Descending Direction

Indicative Seals or security labels are a practical and reliable way of tagging goods and property. Their purpose is so straightforward that one can easily tell if the item has been compromised in any way, hence rendering its safety and reliability void. To make sure you are alerted to theft and tampering of your shipments or belongings, browse through Seton Canada’s list of indicative and security seals to get what’s right for you.

Vinyl seals

Our tough adhesive seals are designed to resist moist and cannot be easily peeled off once stuck across the lid of the item or packaging. It tears into pieces when enough force is applied as an attempt to remove it. These seals read "Warranty Void If Seal Is Broken", "Calibration Void If Seal Is Broken" and "Void If Seal Is Broken".

Plastic lock seals

These heavy-duty polypropylene plastic seals either have adjustable or fixed length, and are either pull-through or padlock type. We have a wide array of plastic indicative seals that are cost-effective solutions for security and identification. Our seals can be easily applied without tools yet effective enough to secure your facility equipment, merchandise, and small personal items from any attempt of tampering or unauthorized alteration.