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C-TPAT Seals

Use C-TPAT seals to avoid custom delays for international shipments

Expedite customs processing by securing your shipment with C-TPAT seals. Shipping across borders requires stringent security inspections that may cause delays in your schedule. By undergoing C-TPAT volunteer accreditation, companies are assured of a smooth and uninterrupted supply chain. C-TPAT certified members benefit from the organization through faster and prioritized inspections.

C-TPAT security seals are specially designed to comply with C-TPAT guidelines. These safety seals are part of the overall security program that the company enforces. Our seals ensure the integrity of the cargo that goes through customs. Seton Canada offers versatile steel cable seals and bolt-type barrier seals for your shipping containers.

Seton Canada has all your shipping needs like C-TPAT seals covered.

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C-TPAT and C-TPAT Seals Explained

C-TPAT or Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is a joint initiative by the US government and businesses, that aims to secure the border while strengthening the supply chain. Importation of goods into the United States is subject to strict customs inspections that can lead to costly delays. Undergoing voluntary C-TPAT certification is often the best solution for both parties.

Part of the requirement is for companies to provide security programs and protocols that ensure the integrity of their cargo or shipment. C-TPAT compliant security seals are essential elements of a member's security program.

Seton Canada Security Seals

Here at Seton, we offer a variety of seals that are perfect for shipping containers and other cargo. Order bolt type barrier seals for heavy-duty security. These safety seals exceed ISO 17712 standards for shipping containers and are made of carbon steel with high impact plastic body cover. Universal Steel Cable Seals are multi-purpose seals that would suit trucks, drums, tankers, and more.

Customizable Security Seals
Specify the text and numbering of your seals with our custom safety seals. Check out our online Design Your Own or DYO app to personalize seals for your company. Industrial-strength bolt type seals are also available with custom wording or numbering.

Seton Canada’s security seals are the right shipping solutions you need. Order now.