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Adhesive Seals

Ship high priority items securely with tamper-evident security seals

Adhesive seals and labels are practical and cost-effective solutions to discourage tampering of sensitive items. Seal electronic equipment, chemical containers and packages with special self-adhesive seals that tear and leave evidence of tampering. Self-adhesive seals are necessary to protect product warranty and product integrity. Security seals with consecutive numbering for easy tracking are also available.

Seals offer a measure of safety and security that’s essential for high priority items such as expensive electronic equipment. For these items, order Tamper Seals, a 0.80” diameter self-adhesive seal that rips to small pieces when removal is attempted and comes with 3 text choices. Label seals are sold in packs of 300 identical seals.

Know exactly if your items have been tampered with adhesive seals.

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3 Products

Set Descending Direction

Protect Item’s Integrity with Adhesive Seals

Unlike regular self-adhesive labels that can be easily removed in one piece, our special security seals feature tamper-evident paper that tears into tiny pieces when removal is attempted. Adhesive seals were designed to leave traces and evidence of tampering. No need to wonder if the secured item was compromised as the integrity of the seal would tell the story.

Self-Adhesive Seals Feature Wording and Numbering Options

Label seals include consecutive numbering for easy inventory and tracking of items and equipment. Self-adhesive seal text options are: “VOID IF SEAL IS BROKEN”, “WARRANTY VOID IF SEAL IS BROKEN” and “CALIBRATION VOID IF SEAL IS BROKEN”.

Available in Different Shapes and Sizes
Security seals are available in round and rectangular shapes. 0.80” round labels are sold in a 20-page book containing 300 labels. Rectangular labels like the Tamper Resistant Seals are sold in rolls of 100 to 500 labels. Volume orders deserve discounted prices. Call our customer service 866-779-3969 to request a quote on your bulk orders.

Seals made with Seton Quality Guarantee
Security seals are guaranteed to adhere to most clean surfaces. Special tamper-evident vinyl label resists solvents and humid environment. At Seton Canada, we make sure you’re getting only quality adhesive seals and labels.