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Cartridges & Filters

Make sure you have clean filters and cartridges for your respirators

Respirator cartridges and replacement filters protect workers from inhaling particulates that may be harmful to their health. While respirators work to filter out dust, fumes, mists, and more, the filter, overtime, becomes dirty and clogged up with particulates. Instead of getting a brand new respirator, it’s more economical to replace only the filter. Regular replacement of the filter ensures that the workers breathe clean and safe air.

Industrial workplaces with toxic and harmful substances like chemicals require workers to be properly suited with a gas mask respirator. There are different types of cartridges for different chemicals. Before ordering the replacement cartridges you need, know all the chemicals your workers will be exposed to. Seton Canada has respirator cartridges for organic vapours, mercury vapours, chlorine and other gasses.

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Replacement Filters for Particulate Respirators

Respirators are definitely one of the most important personal protective equipment especially in hazardous environment. The most commonly-used one is the particulate respirators which protect the wearer from particles such as dust, germs, fumes, etc. To keep the respirator working properly, the filter has to be replaced regularly or as needed. Some of our best-selling replacement filters are the N95 filter and the P100 filter.

Replacement Cartridges for Gas Mask Respirators

Air-purifying respirators or gas masks are more heavy-duty respirators that clean out the harmful chemicals in the air, allowing the wearer to breathe safely. Specialized replacement cartridges are designed to filter out specific chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and organic vapours. However, versatile multi-contaminant cartridges with filters are also available for common gasses and particulates.

Best Respirator Brands Available
Seton Canada carries only trusted brands of respirators and replacement filters and cartridges. Some of these brands are North, Survivair, 3M™, and Moldex® respirators. All our filters and cartridges meet and exceed NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) guidelines for respirator use. Trust Seton Canada to give you the best replacement cartridges and filters you need for your respirators.