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Clear, easy-to-read safety labels for employees

PPE Labels are safety labels that alert employees of the need for protective equipment in specific work locations. Seton offers a line of warning labels, which include Protective Clothing, Head and Hearing Protection, Labels for Fall, Safety Eyewear, Respirators, Gloves, Ergonomics and more.

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Labels are used for a huge number of purposes and providing additional safety information for PPE is one of them.

Seton's safety labels are not just for warning people about potential hazards when operating machines or doing certain tasks. These PPE labels can also be attached to other kinds of PPE to identify the wearer and his skills. That way, employees can identify who is First Aid-certified or who is authorized to operate a crane by glancing at the label they sport.

Since Seton is already a trusted manufacturer of custom labels and warning labels, you can rest assured that these labels, just like their other counterparts, will last for quite some time.