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Hard Hats

Head protection must have for your worksite

Provide hard hats to protect your workers from bumping their head and falling debris. Safety hard hats are essential safety gears in a lot of industries such as mining and construction. Seton offers different types of head protection from lightweight bump cap to heavy-duty welding helmets. These hard hats comply with Canadian Standards Association guidelines and are classified accordingly.

Seton Canada hard hats are manufactured and designed to suit your different work requirements. Choose the hard hat you need, browse through our selection and place your order online or call our safety experts for guidance.

At Seton Canada, we make sure our hard hats meet and exceed all the safety standards.

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8 Products

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Hard Hat for Head Protection

In construction sites, mines, oil rigs, and other industries with possible head trauma hazards, hard hats are mandatory. And with good reason, too. Head trauma can cause serious and permanent damage that can cost not only a person’s job but also their life. It’s critical that your safety hard hat comes from a trusted brand with a history of high quality products.

Different Safety Head Gear Available

Bump Caps – These helmets are recommended for low level hazards such as a factory, warehouses, and other places where there’s unlikely need for heavy-duty head protection. The hats are able to absorb Minor bumps but not high impact falls.

Type 1 and 2 Hard Hats – Type 1 hard hats require protection from vertical impact such as falling tools from a height. Type 2 hats also require vertical impact but it should also withstand lateral impact such as moving objects hitting your head from the side.

Welding Helmet – This head gear is used by welders to protect themselves from sparks and heat from the welding process. It requires full coverage of the face including the throat.