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Hand Supports

Give added support for extended hand endurance and dexterity

Manual tasks take its toll on muscles and joints overtime, and it’s the hands that normally receive the first blow of strains and sprains. To help minimize this, Seton Canada has put up a product line that provides workers with the extra support and protection their hands could use: ergonomic wrist and arm bands.

Our hand support products are designed to give that needed comfort without getting in the way of accomplishing jobs that require hand flexibility and adeptness. These arm and wrist bands also give a certain level of protection from common injuries like cuts, bruises and sprains.

For functional protective occupational gears, look no further than Seton Canada, your ultimate one-stop shop in employee safety and protection.

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4 Products

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Hands don’t always get the credit its due in a day’s work, and most people don’t pay needed attention to it when talking about personal protection and support. That is why pains caused by hand, wrist and arm sprains are a common occurrence for office and manual workers alike. Don’t wait for minor hand injuries to get worse, because before you know it, these ailments that you take for granted may cost you productivity and health complications.

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For wrist protection and support, ergonomic gloves are recommended as a comfortable and practical solution against injuries. These lightweight gears are best worn when lifting goods and for routine wrist activities. Arm bands are also available as a therapeutic support for injured arm or elbow. They mostly come in stretchable materials to give enough comfort and flexibility.

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Seton has always been able to live up to its first-rate reputation. With an extensive collection of products — from signs and labels, to safety equipment and personal protective equipment — trusted by millions of customers around the globe, we are known for anticipating workplace needs and provide them with practical and effective solutions.

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