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Cable & Plug Lockouts

Reduce the risk of electrical shocks with cable lockouts

To prevent accidental electrocution during maintenance or repair work in your facility, energy sources should be properly locked out with cable lockouts. Seton Canada offers different lockout devices designed to effectively isolate sources of energy that can cause serious electrical injuries. Once the cable lockouts are secured, only authorized personnel are allowed to remove them. By limiting access to power sources, people doing repair or maintenance work on your machines or equipment are protected from serious injury resulting from the accidental powering up of those machines. Seton Canada carries a wide range of Plug Lockout Stations to help you with all your facility's energy isolating needs. Prevent unnecessary injuries from electric shock with cable lockouts from Seton Canada.

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12 Products

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Safe and economical lockout devices

At Seton Canada we provide you with the safest and most affordable cable lockouts and lockout devices on the market today. Our products are available in different types and sizes depending on your needs. All of our products are made from durable materials including: vinyl-sheathed steel, non-conductive nylon and polypropylene to ensure the highest level of protection in the event of re-energization of serviced equipment.

Choose the lockouts that suit your needs

We carry a variety of lockout products to cater to the different lockout needs of our customers. Some of the products we carry include: Mini Cable Lockouts, Python Adjustable Locking Cable, Plughugger, plug lockouts, Economy Cable Lockouts and replacement cable, Button lockouts, Plug Lockout Stations and Lockout Bags. We also have lockout devices that comply with OSHA lockout safety standards.

Protect your workers by promoting proper lockout policies

Our cable lockouts and lockout devices are not enough to ensure the safety of workers during maintenance and repair work. You should do your part in promoting an effective lockout program in your facility. In conjunction with our lockout devices, we also carry safety lockout tags and signs to inform your workers about proper lockout procedures. When it comes to quality cable lockouts and lockout devices, trust only Seton Canada.