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Electrical Labels & Wire Markers

Protect workers by identifying electrical lines and power sources

Keep employees and visitors of your facility safe with Electrical Labels & Wire Markers. Our complete line of wire identification products inform workers to take necessary precautions when working on certain wires and cables. Knowing the characteristics, specification and potentials hazards of power sources can go a long way in preventing accidents and injuries.

We offer different wire and cable markers, voltage and power supply markers, and electrical ground labels. See our product specifications and find out which one suits your needs.

Promote electrical safety with Electric Labels & Wire Markers from Seton, your source for outstanding safety products.

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10 Products

Set Descending Direction

Make sure your employees are always informed and all wires and cables are properly labelled. Use Seton Canada’s durable electrical labels and wire markers for this task. This will enable every one who works with these wires and cables to become fully aware of the possible risks that they may come in contact with. Seton Canada carries a variety of wire markers and cable labels for you to choose from. You have the option to select the product that best meets your needs.

Our Wire Marker Books come in booklets containing 450 individual markers. They come in different legends that you can choose from. These electrical labels are resistant to oil, moisture and abrasion.

Also available are Write-On Self-Laminating Wire & Cable Markers. They contain a self-adhesive transparent over-wrap that provides protection from solvents and water. You can choose from three available sizes, with ample space for writing your own marks.

Let everyone know the correct voltage of power supplies they are working with. Use our Voltage Markers that come in a highly-visible orange colour and place them on control boxes, circuit breakers, and electric switches.

Make wire and cable marking a breeze with Seton Canada’s Electrical Labels and Wire Markers.