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Safety Cans

Versatile waste and storage cans for industrial use

Keep safety cans in hand for emergency or regular use. These cans come in multiple sizes with different features. Choose the right cans for your facility. Waste cans for oil are compact storage cans with a foot lever for convenient disposal of oil-soaked towels, cloths, wipes, etc. Its air circulation design disperses heat which prevents combustion of materials or content. Contain biohazard waste in steel can containers that are leak proof and with a self-closing lid. Poly waste cans are versatile can that meet and exceeds industry standards. Dispose oily waste or bio-hazardous materials safely with these poly waste cans.

Seton Canada provides only quality storage cans suitable for industrial use. Get yours today.

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10 Products

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Storage Applications of Safety Cans

Transporting and storing hazardous liquid chemicals is a daunting task without the help of safety cans that are specifically designed to withstand the corrosive effect of these substances. Highly-flammable and combustible liquids such as gasoline, diesel, fuel, oil, and more need special containers that feature non-sparking flame arrestor and a sprout to mitigate spillage. Eagle Safety Cans are the right choice for these chemicals. It not only meets and exceeds safety regulations, it’s also made of 24-gauge galvanized steel for maximum durability.

Dipping Tanks and Bench Cans

When cleaning small machine parts, you need Dip Tanks specifically designed for dipping and draining. The corrosive cleaning solvent could damage ordinary cans so pick the container that can withstand high temperatures with a lid that slams shut to prevent fires. Safety Bench Cans are also available for smaller parts. These cans are small and short enough to put on top of your work table so you wouldn’t have to bend over to clean your items.

Waste Cans for Disposal
Dispose hazardous waste properly in appropriate waste cans. We offer Biohazard Waste Containers safe enough for labs and hospitals and we also carry Oily Waste Cans perfect for industrial work sites such as factories, mining, and machine shops.

At Seton Canada, we have all the safety cans and waste cans you could possibly need. Order now.