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Flammable Storage & Chemical Safety

Promote facility safety through safe storage of flammable materials

Seton offers a full range of products to reduce the hazards associated with flammable materials and chemicals. Flammable Storage Products include Safety Storage Cabinets, Safety Gas Cans, Drums and Pressurized Cylinder Storage. Chemical Safety Products include Signs, Labels, Tags and Charts that remind workers of the presence of hazardous chemicals. Whatever your Flammable Storage & Chemical Safety Product Needs, you will surely find one that suits your facility's safety requirements.

Flammable Storage & Chemical Safety

Keep dangerous chemicals and highly flammable substances safely stored away with Seton’s flammable storage and chemical safety products.

Use these storage containers in conjunction with safety signs, labels, tags and charts to properly inform your employees about the presence of these very dangerous substances. Most of our signs and charts feature the NFPA diamond to identify the possible risks posed by hazardous substances stored in your facility.

For increased safety in your facilities, always rely on flammable storage and chemical safety products from a reliable source - Seton!

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